A new approach to education

A new approach to education

When someone said Education is what remains when you forget everything youve learned.Well, do the use of someone instead of giving the name of the one who cites this any difference to the theme or message in my article? To be honest, I do not even remember the name, I just remember what he said or even more importantly the message in his mind. And I personally doubt to remember or just delete things. As Shakespeare said, Whats in the name?

The same is the system of our education that strengthens us to remember the language of books and also use it in the exams or your grades must be affected. And this so-called graduation system is also a useless thing, as it only ends where the students only studied the syllabus that is necessary for exam quantification of the students interests. You must unnecessarily learn the same quota of the syllabus over and over again for the sake of the investigation. The examination is like vomiting first, you must put everything in mind and then vomit it in exams. When Einstein said, Why should I learn the things I can find in books when necessary.

They must understand that Newton only studied gravity when his university was closed and Einstein had to run from school to study what he liked. The education system also has no place for extracurricular activities, but often speaks of full personality development of children. The pressure of pressure has changed the students so dramatically that they accept themselves as failure if they can not pass the tests and thereby decide to commit suicide as a result of lost confidence.

I am a student in the science stream can say that the practical focus on the subject of physics has almost died. The current approach really can not surprise the students to wonder what science sees. The students really need to turn away to learn something but it has not been so. Students do not even quit spending their priceless time thinking about what they learn, helping them learn something new or make them a better person. They only start the rat as soon as the problem arises. And it has also been shown in the movie 3 IDIOTS with a good example because the principal has also proved unable to take care of what he would find.

The situation is really terrible. When every breath in your life, every second of your existence is a test conducted by nature, the education system has its own disaster. The system does not provide enough freedom of thought for the students, and some of the teachers also reduce the freedom to speak what you feel. A very good example of the non-beneficial system is unnecessary waste of electricity and water made by so-called literary people. It is in the syllabus that they are limited sources, we must keep them to survive man on earth but there is still no effect. Why? Did not they read? No, its because just reading a subject in the books does not create enough alarms in the mind of the student that he could take care of it.

Then the question arises, what do you need to do to increase the education standard? The answer is that we have to change the system revolutionarily. Teachers need to train so that they can make a student think practically instead of ratifying as a parrot to pass the tests. More experimental teaching needs to be done. And to create a certain impact on social or economic problems in the students way, educational trips can be planned where the consequences of such problems can be visualized.

But as someone said, To change something you have to be the change yourself. So, the students instead of hanging out and expecting something from the government or teacher can change their approach and invent a new approach to education. Instead of having a materialistic view of life, they can change their thinking style. Students can volunteer groups and attend the education. They can collect money and carry out experiments themselves. They can use the internet specifically and revolutionize the mindset by developing communities and fan clubs for innovative students, their selection criteria based on a new idea or innovation to promote new ways of thinking. In addition, they can conduct quizzes among groups that lead to a better understanding of the subject / topic.

Students just have to remember No effort will go in vain, no matter how small it is. Keep in mind that current approaches kill Newton and Einstein, who have helped us improvise our lifestyles. Some steps should be taken as soon as possible.

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